Ferrari LaFerrari

Ferrari  LaFerrari
Rosso corsa 322 / Black Roof

Limited Edition.

This model car is made of metal, with opening doors and hood.
A long engineering study was carried out for the construction of the openings.
The rear hood has a faithful opening, without stops that end up on the roof, as all the other brands do. No model on the market has these openings
This small difference is a great innovation for the creation of steel molds.
The bonnet closure is faithful to the original closure.
The mobile rear wing has also been replicated, which after a certain speed exits the car to balance the aerodynamic load.
With a simple pressure of the hand it is possible to extract it from its seat.
Super detailed interiors in Rosso Corsa 322 color, with black roof.

Last photos, second step, to mark the door opening piston as on the real car, a truly exclusive detail.



Weight1500 g
Dimensions35 × 13 × 17 cm

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Ferrari LaFerrari
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