Special and Exclusive version. F12 TDF Matt Green

Special and Exclusive Version

Ferrari F12 TDF

Matt Green

The History.

Firstly, the acronym TDF is part of the history of the Prancing Horse brand, which won the legendary French race in the 50s and 60s.

The Replica.

This 1/18 scale Ferrari TDF is a DIE CAST HIGH END product.
Likewise, the model is made up of more than 400 pieces, all the doors can be opened, as can the front and rear hoods.

In addition, car model is made of metal, with doors and hood that open.
Likewise, the entire model has been improved with the addition of hydraulic pistons that raise the front hood.
A long engineering study was carried out to make the openings.

Consequently, the entire engine is coated with a carbon fiber decal.
The outer part has also replicated carbon fiber composite areas.

Also, the exterior part has replicated the carbon fiber composite parts.

The carbon fiber was faithfully replicated and placed on the model. It was then painted to give it a fantastic Carbon Look effect.

Special and Exclusive version.

Introducing a special and exclusive version
This is a perfect 1/18th scale replica of the F12 TDF, which was made as a one-off version for the Ferrari customer who ordered it.
All interiors are in black and orange. The rear hatbox is mobile, an exclusive product.
Matt green colour, with all the external Carbon fibre replicated in green.
Very special Ferrari, the owner owns other models all in the same colour.

In addition, the replica is also a special and exclusive version, all model cars are assembled on a faux leather base here in Italy, in our workshop in Saronno with the official F12 TDF steel logo placed on the base and limited to 200 pieces.


Model produced in a limited edition of 200 pcs
It has a display case for exhibition.



Dimensions39 × 19 × 15 cm

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